Buena Vista County Communications Center

The Buena Vista County Communications Center, which first opened in 1975, handles all emergency and non-emergency calls for Buena Vista County. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and dispatches all Law, Fire and EMS agencies within Buena Vista County.

There are eight full-time dispatchers who handle thousands of calls for service each year. Typically there are two dispatchers during most shifts. In addition to answering 911 calls and radio calls, they maintain arrest warrants issued by the court system and ensuring they are entered into the local Records Management System, State and National databases as well as many other duties.

Buena Vista County Dispatchers answer 911 lines, administrative (non-emergency) phone lines, as well as Text-to-911.

Dispatch utilizes a CAD System (Computer Aided Dispatch) for responder recommendations and documenting call details.

The Communications Center has three fully equipped workstations for receiving and dispatching emergency calls and a fourth for future expansion.

More Information on Text-to-911

Communications Center Staff

Lead Dispatcher

Sandy Hoyt

911 Dispatchers

Cindy Seward
Sheila Cougill
Jean Assmann
Amy Koth
Chris Duitsman
Glenda Francis
Coy Reynolds

Information and Tips for Calling 911

  • 911 should be called for emergencies, such as crimes in progress, to report a fire, or for a medical emergency.
  • For non-emergencies, such as keys locked in the car (unoccupied), parking problems, dog complaints, non-injury car accidents, thefts, or vandalism (when the suspect is gone) call (712) 749-2525.
  • Remember to remain calm, speak clearly, and follow any instructions the dispatcher gives you.
  • Be prepared to provide the location of the emergency. Always know your location and be ready to give directions to the dispatcher. Descriptive information such as cross streets, mile markers, landmarks, and business names are helpful.
  • The dispatcher will verify your address and phone number. (Even if they have this information on their screen already)
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to. Even if you dialed by mistake, stay on the line and explain that you accidentally dialed.
  • The dispatcher will ask you questions. Stay calm and answer the questions clearly. This questioning does not delay the response of Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS Personnel. It does provide the responders with more information as they are en route so they can be better prepared when they arrive.
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