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Civil Processing

 Service Fee's

  • Mileage fee .50 cents/mile, minimum of $2.00
  • Subpoenas $20.00
  • Original notices $15.00 / service
  • Orders $15.00
  • Certified notices $15.00
  • 2nd person, same household $10.00
  • Served notices will not be returned until payment has been made
  • The requesting party for service is responsible for full payment.

 Levy's and executions

  • Advance fee's are required in most cases for levy's and sales. Contact us for further information.
  • Advance fee's are based on the cost of the sale, appraisals, advertising, storage, and hauling expenses.
  • Sheriff Sales average $160.00 per sale.

 Force entry and evictions

  • Advanced fee's is for service for rental notices.
  • Force entry actions will be executed during business hours.
  • Removal and removal expense is the responsibility of the requesting party.
  • Contact the Sheriff's Office as soon as an order is entered to make arrangements for the removal action.

 Tips for better service

  • Provide a valid servable address.
  • Provide a time that would be best for service.
  • Provide the work place of the individual to be served (the work place may not be a servable address)
  • Provide other identifying characteristics to identify the individual (ie: Drivers License number or their date of birth )
  • Provide advance fee's for service.

 Legal assistance

  • The Sheriff's office may not provide you with legal advise or assist you with completing paperwork with any civil action.
  • By statue such assistance may void your process.
  • Contact an attorney or legal service for legal advise on how to proceed with a civil action.

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